Zenit-Spedition - We are the SpecialEasts

We are the specialEasts – the keyword for two significant core skills.

    Special: Zenit, the first contact for complex transport solutions.
    East: Zenit, the competent partner for transport of all types to and from the East.

The major plus for ZENIT in the East - We are fully familiar with the conditions on the ground.

Every country has its own traditional customs. A host of different mindsets come together! This can lead to misunderstandings between countries and at border crossings. Our local partners know their fellow countrymen. As “native speakers", the ZENIT country supervisors are familiar with the linguistic and cultural subtleties, which make us at Zenit the SpecialEasts.

Decades of connections at our destinations:

Western Europe. Eastern Europe. Balkans. Turkey. Iran. Iraq. Russia. Belarus. Ukraine. Moldova. Georgia. Azerbaijan. Armenia. Kazakhstan. Uzbekistan. Mongolia. Turkmenistan. Tadzhikistan. Kyrgyzstan. Afghanistan.
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